Hey all. I am new to tattoo forums. I am hoping to get some answers to a problem my wife and I are both having with a ring tattoo we received from a guy I worked with. He claimed to have done many tattoos over the course of 6 years. Thinking back I wish we would have gone to a professional. I will search the topics to explain in further detail what problems were having. Thanks all.


Hi and welcome, how about posting up pics and explain your problem here or start a thread about it, try not to jump on other threads with your problems.


My wife and I got matching ring tattoo’s. It’s been over two months and ours look the same. Not nearly as big obviously but they are raised up, itchy and painful. We are unable to wear our wedding rings because of swelling and irritation.
It has been years since my last tattoo but I’m pretty sure I have never had this problem. I’ll add photos if someone explains to me how… lol It wants me to link through url
Any I’m put or advice would be appreciated.

Thanks all.


hi and welcome to the forum @Jrclaymore3624 146548 wrote:

My wife and I got matching ring tattoo’s. .

you can upload pics here to your profile or create an album or to an existing album and then link to that pic in a post here in this thread.

or you can link an IMG (image) from a pic hosting website,instagram,etc,etc

and read here http://www.thetattooforum.com/important/announcements-guidelines-feedback-and-suggestions/10056-uploading-posting-images-101-a.html 🙂

or maybe check with your doctor to see if there is any infection.

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