Just joined haven’t had any tattoos. I’m thinking of getting a cute little tattoo.


welcome to the forum ! what kind of tattoo are you thinking of getting ?

my general tattoo guideline is to always go bigger than you first think,you will thank yourself later.

I’m not fond of “cute little tattoo” tattoos.

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Welcome to the forum.

I hope that by ‘cute and small’ you don’t mean an infinity symbol (especially with a word) or a feather. They are so boring and overdone.

But my first was also pretty small. And I still remember how scared and excited I was. So I understand wanting to start small.

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If you do get something small get it somewhere where it won’t interferer with future decent work.


welcome to the forum. best advice for your first tattoo, you dont know what you’re doing yet so put it somewhere out of the way, if you want to start small small is fine, but at least be original which means dont choose random flash off a wall in your local shop, research artists, even small tattoos deserve to be done the best they can. You have no excuse not to have a well designed and perfectly executed piece now that you have joined somewhere like this with a wealth of knowledge and experience at your fingertips.

Good luck.


I wouldn’t recommend going bigger UNLESS you plan on getting several more visible tattoos, then totally go bigger. I love girly tattoos.

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