Im an older member from 2011 but am not sure what my password or even what email i used before was.

Just saying hello and looking forward to seeing some work here

Recently put my machines back together and starting to tattoo once again. im in no way a pro but the love and fun is there for me and im way more motivated since i watched the sailor jerry doc on youtube. So inspired to learn american traditional. that’s what im working on currently. I now have a new appreciation for the various styles and artists that pretty much paved the road for modern day styles.

always learning



So you tattoo and your not a professional?


been messing with marking myself and others with needles and twine since elementary school. Being from Guam, i suppose its an addiction embedded in me from generations past to get poked.

I grew up looking at my uncles and even aunts tatts with awe. I was always fascinated. To this day i will randomly approach people and compliment their work and ask to check it out up close rather than staring like a creep from a distance.

so to answer your question, yes.


uh oh…

Danger Will Robinson Danger!


Personally I have no time for “scratchers”.

Serve an apprenticeship, learn the craft, then talk.

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