Hi everybody!

My name is Mimi, and I’ve just joined the tattoo forum and I’m really excited to get to know the community. I don’t currently have any tattoos, but I’m planning on getting at least one by the end of the year (hopefully, I’ll have enough cash!).

Actually, I could really use some help on the placement for my first tattoo (you can see the details in my other post here: http://www.thetattooforum.com/help-placement-ideas-my-first-tattoo-t22069.html)

Anyway, I’m excited to be a member of the forum as it seems like it’s got loads of good resources and information on tattoos and piercings. I’m glad I found a good online resource!

Thanks for being welcoming and helpful!


+1 for the girls! Welcome! Glad you decided to join. We’ll see you round the forums!

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Welcome, enjoy your stay:-)

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Hi gays, I joined the tattoo forum now i am very exited to saw and read the comments. Its very exited to me to join friends and community here. Tattoo making is an art i want to do this. i am looking an old teacher to make the tattoo art.



Personally, I would just use the picture.
Can’t wait to see it!


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