Hello everyone, I hope you dont mind me joining this forum, but I need some of your opinions. My son is now 16 and has left school, not got a job but he wants to become a tattooist. He is buliding up a portfolio and is very good at sketching. However, I feel he is making a mistake by not going to college. He has been offered a place studying art and design, but has decided he doesnt want college now. He also feels he may get a job as a tattoo apprentice but I have explained that would be extremely hard to come by. How important would the college course be for someone who wishes to persue a career as a tattooist.
Your advise will be greatly appreciated. Many thanks.


Let him do what will make him happy in life. If you shell out a 100 grand on college and he drops out his senior year to become a tattooist you just wasted a butt load of money. Collage would have no usefulness at all in the tattoo world except art classes and or business class to own your own shop.


You say your son is 16 and left school?
You’re talking about college when you should first get him a high school diploma. College is not for everybody, particularly some highly creative people. Get the H.S. diploma and go from there. Many people take a year or so off before continuing on to college.
Encourage his creativity. Things will work out.


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