[lang=nl]Hi Guys,

I’m Erik from Belgium, I just finished my small back tattoo :))
you can see it on this link:


I’ll share the story behind the tat too:
I’m a Chocolatier and 3 years ago I said to myself, I want to have my own business and become one of the best in the bizz, so I had the text “AUT VINCERE AUT MORI” tattooed, wich is latin for “to conquer or to die” wich ment for me: we ‘re going to do whatever it takes to get the dream born.

In february of this year I finally got to start up my business after emotional very hard times ( break up with my fiancé, decease of my brother in a 2 month time-span).

As you can see the tattoo is Griffon, a mythical animal wich according to the myths was used to protect treasures, was a correct and just animal but if you tried to touch one of it’s treasures… you were toast! according to many I’m like this too so I chose to name my business “Chocolaterie Gryphus” wich is latin for griffon, so I had the griffon tattooed on my back, and if you look closely you can see he is sitting on his greatest treasure and love of his life, a cocoabean.

So in short that’s about me and my tattoo 🙂
It’s just been put on my back in the picture so it obvious still needs healing[/lang]


Love it!

Looks very well done. Who is the artist?




Very nice work. Congratulations and good luck with the business.

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