I am a tattoo enthusiast. Only have two pieces so far, but am on the hunt for some one to do my third which I am looking for something large…. half sleeve.
Anyway, hello everyone.
I am pretty much on here to see if I can connect with or get ideas from artists about my new adventure in tattoo.
I am being pretty picky about the artist for this tattoo because it will be a larger piece. I would love to have a show piece to show off to people. The issue I am having so far is that I want color and that I want a tattoo of four super heroes. So far I am having issues finding someone who is confident with hands, feet and faces.
Well my search continues. Talk to you all later.

BTW I am in Cincinnati. I would be willing to travel to find the right artist. I have some ideas, but if you have some please share. I am not in a rush.



Welcome. I’m in the UK so no help for any artists for you but hope your search is fruitful!


Kore flatmo.

instagram: jookiest

Super hero is not kores forte. So nevermind.

instagram: jookiest
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