Alright, so I thought I’d introduce myself to you guys. 🙂

My name is Sandra, I’m 24 and I’m from Berlin, Germany. I’ve lived here all my life.

I love music, movies, books, cooking and working out. I spend a lot of time with friends and I enjoy hosting little get togethers and stuff like that. My favorite color is blue, names and languages fascinate me and I am all about anything audio. My favorite music is anything that belongs in the rock genre, from acoustic and country to metalcore.

As a teenager I started wanting to have tattoos and I finally carried through with it the first time in October 2010. I’ve since gotten 3 more tattoos. If you guys care to see those then I could add pictures to the forum where you can post pictures or I’ll attach them here.

I definitely want more. I already have ideas and know where to get those. It’s just a matter of time and money haha.

I also have 6 piercings. They are nothing special though because they’re only in my ears, 3 in each. Majority of the time I’m not even wearing any ear rings haha.

Tattoos on guys are nice and I think girls look awesome with tattoos as well. My mom always wanted to change my mind about getting inked and it always bugged me a lot. I think everyone should do what they think is best for them.

Anyway, if any of you have questions, ask away.


edit: I’ll upload the pictures to the forum, I’ll call the thread “My tattoos”. I can’t come up with a wittier name and you’ll see it’s posted by me anyway.


Welcome Sandra to our nut house, I mean forum,

lotta ink around here, lotta music lovers too, I think you will enjoy hanginig out,

dont be afraid to jump in

and yes we love ink pics, when you have time

currently wearing 250 hours, and many more to go, cant explain what my ink means, its personal, it is about who I am

Welcome to the forum. Please post up the pics of your tattoos so we can all see them! 🙂


willkommen to the forum 🙂

(sorry, that’s about as far as my German goes, oh, and danke 😮 )

Tattoo: A permanent reminder of a temporary feeling.

From the Urban dictionary

Tattoo design, any design, CLICK HERE


That’s enough to make me smile haha so don’t worry. 🙂


hey there!
Welcome 😀


welcome along 🙂

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