Hello, and nice to meet you. Happy to have found this great forum.

I´m a 28-year-old tattoo enthusiast… Or perhaps not an enthusiast yet, but sure going that way. I guess it´s inevitable. I got my first tattoo some two years ago and after it was done I knew right away that this was something for me. I´m into many art and craft forms and tattoos are a great way to collect some art on your body that will always be with you. And it´s just fun! Somedays I look in the mirror and think what the hell have I done to myself, but I guess it´s because I´ve just recently started doing a big piece and now I can never go back to the “oh yeah I have three small tattoos but they´re hidden”. It´s quite scary sometimes but I have no regrets. 🙂

I have a lot of tattoos planned already but I´m trying to take it slow for now. I live in Amsterdam but am probably moving back to Scandinavia after a year (I´m half Swedish, half Finnish). I hope I´ll find a good artist, perhaps there is someone in the Helsinki area. 🙂


Hey mate,

Welcome to forums!

Post some pics.


Hello and welcome tot he forum! 🙂


welcome to the forum


Heya great to have you. I know of atleast two great artists in Kuopio where i live Tino´s Tattoo artists Tino and Kalle. Kalle is currently doing my sleeve.

W: Inked Fin

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