Hi all, Ive just joined the forum hoping to get some feedback, and to get some inspiration for new tattoos.
I got my first tattoo last year aged 30!! Id always said that it had never interested me, but I had a life changing event which has made me appreciate evertything so much more, and I decided – ‘Live for the moment’, would be my new way of life and had my dragon/yin yang and symbols (meaning Laugh, Love and Live for the moment).
Ive recently had my asymetrical ambigram done on my forearm, but I want some kind of background or border for it, and I am looking for ideas. Im also planning on extending the first one downward by about an inch to inch and a half, possibly into a tribal pattern.
Anyway, I hope to meet some friends on here and look forward to hearing your comments and advice.


Sup piss dawg straight up.

buttwheat;94455 wrote:
Sup piss dawg straight up.

Personally i didn’t understand that but.

The tattoo look’s decent. Just please don’t spoil it with tribal 😮


Welcome to the forum. Your ink looks good. I got my first tattoo (Freddie Mercury pic) at age 50, so 30 isn’t so bad! Goodness, you’re still so young!! I’ve got many more planned, just hope I’m able to realize my dreams for them! :):)

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