The decision has been made I will be getting full sleeves. I have half sleeves and a large back piece, but the time is approaching to fully cover my arms in ink. As I’m a professional and have only worked in conservative companies my decision is carefully made. I always have to wear long shirt sleeves at work so that is not going to be a big problem. I naturally have to be careful with the shirts I wear to wok and think white shirts are a big NO, however this is no reason to stop me having fun of a weekend and after work. As I live in Australia we are about to head into summer, so I will wait until next year, so my arms will get plenty of time to heal.
The photos posted here are great. I hope to add my little bit of ink in the next month or so.


Hello and welcome to the forum. You seem to know exactly what you want which is good and you are making the right choice by waiting so your tattoo’s can heal properly dude.



Welcome to the forum! Looking forward to seeing pics of your current tattoos. :):):)


Hello and welcome! Would definitely like to see some pictures. Kudos on being responsible in the ink you get and the way you handle it at work.



I read about these half sleeves and back piece that you have but I click on your album and it’s empty,:mad:

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