Hi all. I have been lurking the boards for a while and decided to sign up.

I have always had a love for tattooing and piercing from an early age. My parents were very strict and would not even let me dye my hair any kind of funky colors in high school (I am female btw, although the name implies different). You can guess that I sort of “rebelled” after I moved out on my own by getting many facial piercings (as well as others below the neck)… I cut my hair short, spiked it and dyed it whatever color I felt like that week. I also had got a few tattoos that I managed to keep hidden for many years from them after I hit legal age to get one (nape of neck- i had long hair), shoulder and lower back… Even to this day at age 31, they still complain and tell me to grow up although I had removed about 20 piercings for 6 years now. I doubt that these piercings/tattoos changed me as a person since I am the same person who has always liked those kind of things. Really wish my family was not so caught up on physical appearances but that is a whole different story.

I went to art school many years ago and always kept sketchbooks of designs for tattoos but have lost them due to a move to VA where my ex went mad on me and threw them away!

I dabbled with tattooing in 2007 as a hobby… tattooing practice skin and oranges… My aunt was trying to push me to become an apprentice (which I had spoke to someone I knew who was an owner at a shop) but I had ended up moving out of state shortly after. My parents were dead set against it as usual! I have been thinking of pulling out some practice skin and seeing if the desire is there again or not, but for now I am happy with drawing in my sketchbook.

There were a handful of years where I had stopped drawing and creating 3d art (majored in 3d animation). I feel that my inspiration is coming back and I am starting with the basics all over again.

thanks for reading.


Welcome. Follow your desires. Work on a portfolio of drawings. Put down the machine even though you are just doing practice skins and fruit you are picking up bad habits that will be hard to break. wait until your mentor teaches you how.
I would love to see some of your drawings.

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