Hi everyone!

I decided to join up on the site because I’ve been going back and forth for years on getting a partial sleeve done and I’m finally ready to move forward with it. I didn’t want to get something I would regret so it literally has been years that I’ve been thinking about this. I do have two tattoos now, one is a cross I got on my ankle when I was 17…funny because now I’m an Atheist. But they are relatively small and what I want now is much more significant.

Again, hi to everyone and I’m sure I’ll be lurking here a bit as well as posting questions along the way with this tattoo.


welcome to the addiction!


Hello and welcome to the forum.


i now have three tattoos ranging from my first in ’95 to my latest last week (6/11). there’s nothing wrong with taking your time to get the right ink done. it is permanent after all.

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