My names Kristy, I’m 22 and married for 2 years now.
I became fascinated with tattoos when I was watching my hubby get his back filled…
Next thing you know a year later I am fully equipped, and have done my 4th tattoo!

We moved from Toronto to a small military base and there are only about two shops who refuse to give an apprenticeship so I had to learn on my own with books, youtube, fellow scratchers and what not! I got lots of tips an advice and find myself to be advancing quite quickly 😀

Would love to share my progress with you guys! 🙂

First tattoo was the biohazard symbol (03/26/11), 2nd was a fisky 😛 (04/11/11), 3rd I took my own Tat vcard and gave my self a flower, still needs to be coloured though (04/29/11), and my 4th and i think best yet is a hannya mask more demon looking (04/30/11)

Enjoy 😀



Scratchers are not welcome here! Try http://www.everytattoo.com/tattooforum/ You will be more welcome there.

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