My name is Nikki. I am 23 years old.
I live in Omaha, Nebraska.
I am new to this forum, and new to tattoos!
I look forward to meeting everyone, and learning more about tats!!!

My reason for coming here was to get some advice from the experts! lol 😛
Heres my problem…. After thinking for a REALLY long time, I finally decided to get
a tattoo. I’m getting “No Lies” on my right wrist, and “Just Love” on my left wrist.
( in very small Old English lettering)
but so far I only have the word “No” on my right wrist… bcuz I passed out during the session :/
It was pretty scary.

I realize now that maybe I should have spent more time preparing for the tattoo.
I think I had many reasons for passing out: I was tired, Havent had anything to eat, and I think I may have forgot to breath for a sec.!! haha.

My question is, How long should I wait before I get my tattoo finished? Is it normal to
pass out while getting a tattoo? And if I passed out once does that mean I will always pass out during tats? I’m a little scared to finish it, but I can’t walk around with “no” on my wrist!!

Please HELP!!! lol


Hi and welcome. You probably passed out due to being nervous and not eating and being well rested. So next time make sure your feeling well, be well rested and eat properly. Oh and don’t forget to breath.


.are you afraid of needles……………i am and almost faint ever time i am getting inked at the start…….

the artist can usually tell because i start getting clammy………:D…………

lots of sugar and caffeine for me, and i rub a cold sweating bottle of dr pepper or water on my forehead if i feel it coming on………

and, just leave the “no” there and use it to fend off the guys trying to get in your pants……..


My girlfriend got light- headed during her small tattoo and had to take a break. The artist actually gave her a popsicle (sugar) which helped and she was fine. I think it’s somewhat mental due to nervousness and physical if you haven’t eaten so try to realax and eat something before going in.


Hi and welcome you will enjoy it here.

As for the passing out you need to get your sugar level’s up, I like to think i am used to tattoo’s by now and i still get myself a subway and drink a Lucozade sport before i go in.

Eat well and keep drinking and you will be fine :)!

Are you going to bark all day little doggy or are you going to bite?

Thanks for the advice everyone!!

I’m still nervous about getting it finished, but my realizing that I’m not alone in this
and it is something fairly common, makes me some what relieved and excited! (:

I don’t know how long I’m going to wait before getting it finished, but I hope I can
find it within myself to get it done SOON!…. (Is there a certain time limit I should wait?
Or should I just go for it?????)

I will post pics when its all done.!! (:

Wish me luck everyone!!! I’m gonna need it! lol


just go for it…………take a picture book (not tatoo related….LOL) or something to take your mind off it…

and DO NOT look at what he is doing while tattooing…………

good luck,,,,,,

i still think you should keep the “no” as is…………and get something better graphically elsewhere on your body….


Yes, bringing something to distract me is a good idea!!
Its SO hard not to watch tho!!

Needles don’t bother me much. And I’ve had three kids. So, the pain part of it is not an issue (:
I suppose I should just eat a good meal and go for it!!!

lol, I have to admit that the “no” on my wrist is a great convo starter, but I’m not at all
satisfied with it. (and I dont like to talk to most people anyway, haha)

I will be lucky to get my wrist finished without dying!! lol.. but if all goes well from here, I will definitely consider a picture tattoo of some sort. I really want one on the back of my neck (:

Thanks for the Good Luck wishes, reefdiver!!

&& Thanks to everyone here for inspiring me to go through with this.
When I first came here I was really considering NEVER letting a tattoo needle EVER touch me again, lol.
Thanks for changing my mind!! (: