Hey guys! I have been wanting to get a sleeve(or half) for the longest time.. but i just cant figure out that perfect design.. you know; the one that makes you smile just looking at! of course i want it to mean something to me but i want it to look badass too. here are some key things about me

22 years old
asian male 5’11 175lbs good shape muscular body abs
born and raised in Boston, MA living in Tennessee for the past 8 years
very big fan of mixed martial arts (the UFC), muay thai, and brazillian jui jitsu
big sports fan. red sox, patriots, celtics
going to college for business at Middle Tennessee State University
my parents are from Laos

i want a full sleeve but would be happy with a half sleeve too. i have some idea but i cant seem to put them together to form a good sleeve.

ideas include my name written in laos

three headed elephant(relevant to laos)

crossing rifles behind american flag (im a redneck at heart)

Not sure what this is called but its laos related

im a big fan of roger huerta’s tattoo but i dont know if the tribal thing makes me look like a tool.

I do like the japenese sleeves(koi fish and stuff) but im not too sure about it because i would feel like i would be representing a different asian group than my own (kinda like an italian guy sporting a four leaf clover)

thanks for your input


laotian redneck??? awesome!!! like that one guy in king of the hill!!!! i dont like the name or tribal idea, but i think the elephant would be sick as long as you choose the right artist!!!!!!!


haha well i dont dress or look redneck i just like their way of thinking/living.. the loud, hard working, beer drinking, i dont give a fuck, attitude ya know?


i came up with this idea a few months ago. let me know what you guys think. its a half sleeve patriotic american theme

outer bicep from shoulder to elbow

inner bicep

sorry for the small images. the first is an eagle above some flags shooting out and an anchor on the bottom

i got the idea from a few tshirts i bought that i really liked the designs on.. of course i would work with an artist and put our own twist to it but you get the idea.

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