Have never done an intro thread on any forum before – but it’s late and I am somewhat bored. Here is my lame attempt at an introduction!-

My name is Anthony. I am currently 20. (21 in January! woot!) My biggest passion in life is music. I play drums, guitar, and violin. I also have experience working live sound/studio engineering. Unfortunately, I left the soundboards to continue with a career in IT/Security. Not that it’s a bad thing – I do love working with technology. I am also addicted to cars, and have modded Subaru STi that I drive on weekends and would love to own a Lotus Exige at some point in my life. I love piercings and tattoos! I have my eyebrow and labret pierced, along with two tattoos. (Taking it slow.)

I’ll use this thread as a place to get to know you guys/you guys get to know me! If anyone wants to talk music/cars post it up!


Welcome to the forums Anthony.

Oh, and an Evo V will thrash that puny Subaru of yours any day!

(just to get some arguments going ;))


Hey another IT fell eh? I’m a systems administrator certified. Been working in IT for about 9 yrs.



I chose the STi over the Evos because I feel the Subaru had more character. If I wanted full blown track car – I would have definitely gone with an Evo IX as they are more mod friendly. Both are awesome cars! I also like the “rivalry” that exists between them.

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