Hellooo…. I am Nora. I’m learning to slang tattyz out of my trailer, and wanted to get some technical information off of the internet. I specialize in hyper-realistic tribal jesus portraits, and Tony ciavarro rip-offs.
I also build choppers and am an alternative model on the side.
anyone want to buy a bong?

seriously though, I’m actually an artist in Las Vegas.
Used to post a shit-ton on Inked Nation. actually obtained my apprenticeship through there. If you used to post there, chances are we’re friends.
Just finished up my apprenticeship. actually in the market for a new shop apprentice, but if i can find a sweet new forum to post on at the same time, i’m down.

I think i will make a smiley face icon for this thread, so you guys know it’s super important.



I too am a Inked Nation cast off. This forum has a bit less traffic and lots of people from across the pond. Welcome and please post some of your work.


Welcome, and if you are a licenced tattooist you should message TurboSatan some details and he’ll let you into the professionals discussions groups.

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NoraMartinHall;71343 wrote:
I think i will make a smiley face icon for this thread, so you guys know it’s super important.

I think you seem awesome already

Words may create rare images, within their narrow bounds
Twas speechless childhood taught me these, as music may, in sound

tribal jesus tats… lol, jesus was in a tribe.


Another person who has a sense of humor! I think I found my soul mate!

Lets see some photos! Personally, I think when Jesus comes back he should get ” Holy” and “Roller” tattooed on his fingers. Too many letters? He can turn water to wine, I think he can handle an extra finger or too.

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