Hi guys 🙂 I’m 17 and just getting into piercings… finally! I’ve been fascinated by the body mod scene for years now, ever since I was about 11-12, and have been growing more and more in love with it. I currently only have two piercings in each ear (lobe and cartilage), a 1mm nose stud, and a 1.6mm lip. I had an eyebrow piercing, but I foolishly didn’t screw the ball onto the barbell tight enough and it fell out and closed up overnight. Oops! I’ll know better from now on at least, haha… Anyway, hi!


whatsup and welcome. any tats?


She’s 17 so hopefully not 😛

Hi there and welcome. Sounds like a nice set. I promised my bf no more so my low down helix and dermal will have to wait until he’s feeling more open. Ditto the other tattoo ideas.

Out of interest, are your cartilage piercings symmetrical? Just the way you matched it with the lobes sounds so? I find it odd when people have those equal, I love my upper ear because it makes me unsymmetrical (cue interesting discussion on people who prepare asymmetry on their bodies to symmetry)

Have a nice time on the forums!


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Thanks for making me feel welcome 🙂 When I turn 18 next year I’ll be getting a tattoo done, and I’m already beginning to plan out what it’s gonna look like, where it’s gonna be, etc… I’m looking forward to it to say the least!

Also my two cartilage piercings are symmetrical – however, I only did it because I like things being even 🙂 It’s more like a double lobe, if that makes sense – it’s right in the nook between where the cartilage starts and the lobe ends if that makes sense? I’m gonna start filling my ears up with piercings so I don’t feel too put out about stopping with facial piercings, so they’re bound to become more unsymmetrical then 😛

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