My name is Alex, I live in the southern US. I currently am going to school to pursure a career in computers. My interests lie in motorcycles, mainly sportbikes and computers. I currently have gauged earrings, with hopes to go a little bit bigger perhaps a 8g. I am looking forward to getting ink’d sometime within the year but I face problems creating a design. I came here hoping some of you could help me think of a creative design that incorporates all the meanings I want the tattoo to have.

If you’re ready to help me discover a creative way to express my attitude in a tattoo, let me know and I will list the things I would like! Cheers!


List away!

My first suggestion would be a Motorcycle ridden by a southern looking guy on a computer with an 8G earring in his ear while studying for a final next week all over an American flag.

Our work here is done! lol Welcome to the forum

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