Hello everyone. Good to know there are forums for everything; I’m definitely glad I found one for tattoos.

Anyhow, I’m a twenty something from Los Angeles looking to start a sleeve. So far my artwork includes a gargoyle on my chest and a some skull/flames artwork on my back. I’m really into fantasy artwork (wizards, dragons) and very excited to start laying it out on my arms.

Some non tattoo info about me: I’m a technician with a medical group who works on computers, networks, and urgent care equipment. I am really into gaming and currently completely indulged by World of Warcraft, though I love my 360 and PS3 (Mass Effect and Heavy Rain are some of my favs, oh, and God of War, incredible series).

No kids, not married, thinking about going back to school this fall.

So, if you’re still awake at this point of my post: Glad to meet you all.

Hope to get some great info, stories, and inspiration from this forum.



Hi, welcome to the forum, I’m sure you’ll soon feel at home here!



You sound busy!!! What you going back to school studying?

Love to all xx

my horns hold up my halo whilst my tail keeps me balanced

Just studying technology and electronics. I’ve already taken Electronics Engineering as well as Hardware/Software and Networking. I just need to finish some general stuff then I think I’m gonna head off to a Tech Institute. In the meantime I’m trying to acquire an A+ certification for my job I have at the moment, it’ll also help in the future.

I suppose I’m busy, the job is really just monday through friday normal work hours, then I’m on call out side of that time frame.

Once I get back into the school groove I’ll be pretty busy, but still open on the weekends!

I notice a lot of UK locations, is that pretty much the majority of this forum?