Well, I’m 18 and finally able to get a tattoo here in GA. And now that I’m about to head off to college, I won’t have to worry about my parents kicking me out for it. Here’s the thing, though. I do have an idea for a design, I just can’t do anything myself, and I don’t know if I’ll like it. So, I want to try Jagua body art before I make a final decision. My problem is finding a place in the southern U.S. that does this. Please help…


    Hey dawg1232…here is a suggestion, pic a design (you don’t have to be set on it) and print it or draw it on temporary tattoo paper…then give it a “test drive”. After a few days if you like it – DO IT. If not, then you know and are not wishing you had not gotten the tattoo.

    I am from TN…so we are almost neighbors!!

    Daz Argyle

    hi and welcome to the forum , my names daz im turbos m8 and the moderater in the site , hope u enjoy ur time on ere and any questions just ask us :p

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