This might get a bit long, so be warned, people. 😉 (What do you expect? I’m a fanfic writer!!)

OK, so…I’m ZombieFirefly. I’m currently naked in the tattoo department. I’ve been toying with the idea to get one since I was 18. But back then, I didn’t know what to get…just a quote. A couple of years ago, I had the idea to get something slash related. Well, essentially just the symbol / on my right wrist. My mum didn’t approve and suggested that I just draw it on with a pen. But I didn’t listen, but ended up putting it off anyway, mostly due to university and then the operation on my jaw.

Fast forward to last week. Some things happened and together with my mum, we decided that I should change. Find a new job, get my health issues sorted out, improve my relationship with my boyfriend. Things like that. And the subject of tattoos came up, my mum has always known about my interest and we both love Tattoo Fixers and all those other tattoo shows (I know, it’s bad but doesn’t make it any less entertaining!) I showed her the Firefly symbol from the video game The Last Of Us, which I always had at the back of my mind as a possible tat but never really considered it, and Ma went raving mad and she actually kind of talked me into getting it done for my 24th birthday in May. I’ve looked up the tattoo shops in my area and have found three that I like the look of.

But right now, I’m having kind of a bad time with deciding whether or not I actually want to go through with it. My stepdad, who has a tattoo, is against it because he believes I’ll end up regretting it. I see his point; he is a great guy but I think his tattoo was a result of a lapsed judgement because he’s not the spontaneous type. But the thing is, I don’t want to regret getting it but I don’t want to regret NOT getting it. Do you see where I’m coming from? There’s so much to consider, I feel like I’m in way over my head.

Here is the design I’d like, if you don’t know The Last of Us:


I’m naked right now too,but I am safely at home !

"It takes nothing away from a human to be kind to an animal." -Joaquin Phoenix

If you like it, go ahead. Personally I think it’s too plain and boring as it is, and I would be willing to put money on that if you do it plain like that you’ll want to get it removed within 10 years.

test sig

Thanks, ArniVidar, I appreciate that. But that’s just the basic design of that particular logo. There are other designs with text and others where it’s started to crumble, fade away or with blood splatters all over it. So I keep looking back at those as well as the one in the original post. I’m just going with the basic design for the time being because even when I stop playing The Last of Us, it will still look pretty without being connected to anything.


Really boring design find a great tattooist and have them draw up a cool zombie firefly
What are the 3 shops that you want to look at? remember tattoo shops don’t give tattoos tattooists do.

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