Hi guys and gals

First time reader and poster.

My name is Craig

I’ve had tattoos before (Tribal symbol on my back left hand side) I decided i wanted to have a full back piece but with the old tattoo (10 year old) Was unsure what to go for.

In the end after speaking with the tattooist i went for an Incan theme (drawn by hand by him) . I’ve had 3 sittings now (4Hrs each) And think another couple of sittings should be enough to finish her off.

I really love it, possibly the moon i’m a little disappointed in (Because my girl said it looks like a rotting orange :mad:) but otherwise i think its a piece of art
Anyway i would really love to hear your thoughts and ideas of more work to go under the Incan warrior.


Welcome! I think it is looking great! I didn’t notice the moon until you mentioned it – the rest is awesome and captures the eye. The moon could have been better…but the rest is so good!!


Cheer for the comment, I didn’t notice it until the mrs pointed it out think I will get him to add more craters to it around the top to make it look better.
He’s only a young lad who did it and it really has surpassed my expectations.


Welcome to the forum!

Looks good, keep us posted.

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