Help ! Really need some opinions and advice !!
I recently got these paw prints tattooed on my chest. my boyfriend paid for it to get done by this tattoo artist whos an apprentice. Iv seen her work and thought she was really great and felt comfortable enough with her work to get her to tattoo 2 paw prints on my chest and im not so happy.they put the wrong stencil on too high and put it on backwards, the one paw print shades inward and the other one shade outward, is there anyway to fix this without making it loook any worse ? they said the first touch up with them is free but id rather pay the money to get it fixed right, but if its gonna look like a bigger mess on my chest would i be better off getting them removed ? or what about getting some parts of them removed and fixed ? .. I have no idea what to do and really want this fixed asap. the paw prints dont look too uneven in a bra but i do webcam/nude modeling work so its a pain in the ass. i really hope someone can give me some advice.



I think it looks fine the way it is, but if u want to fix it u can laser it off (which hurts a lot more than tattooing) or cover it up with a bigger paw. If this is a fresh tattoo, then u can also go get as much sun exposure as possible and soak the tattoo in a tub. That will also help in lightning up the tattoo.

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If you want to get something bigger just pay a better artist to cover it up, if not I would stick with YDN’s advice


I don’t really see any problem with them?

I am sure the people watching the nude web camming wont even notice the tattoos lol

For me they look fine though as they are.

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As a nude model I am shocked that you let an apprentice tattoo you in such an obvious and exposed place, shame on you for giving way too little thought to a career affecting decision.
However… in this instance I think you have got away with it. I am not seeing shit tattoos I am seeing OK stuff that has been said before is not going to be the main attraction if you get my drift.
A much bigger issue is the obvious skin infection on you nipples. Damm girl they look sore, I mean hell they dont even look right anymore. X
Peace and good luck.


they are small, they are not perfect, but thats not that big a deal, I wouldnt change anything,
bigger paws wont look to good, or as feminine, laser and re doing the work isnt worth it in this case

you do have to be much more careful with what you get and from whom, good luck

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lmfao , i obviously edited the picture and blurred them out 😛
but like i said iv seen her work and was comfortable with it, she did a tattoo on my boyfriends chest of our pet rat that died a year ago and it looked amazing and exactly like her so i figured if she could do that paw prints wouldnt be hard but i totally understand what your saying. ever since i got them iv been looking at them pickin out whats wrong with them so maybe most of its in my head. i think maybe a few lines here and there might fix them up a bit. and over time they will fade.
thanks to all of you for the adivce. has made me feel alot better. illl deffinitly be more picky over who tattoos me from now on.
also most of paw print chest tattoos iv seen online of other peoples arnt perfectly even, i think it might show more on me cuz the smaller boob has the higher up paw print if that makes sence.