So, I’ve had my tattoo 3-4 months now, and i still have very mixed feelings about it. a part of me hates it, a part thinks its okay and im overthinking, a part feels like ill grow to love it in time/when i dilute the leg with more tattoos, a part feels like ill start liking it as soon as i chose to get rid of it.. a part wants to get rid of it. I am in a very indecisive place. I didnt exaaactly rush into it, but i was procrastinating over ideas i had had for some time and felt the best thing would be to jump in and book it and afterward i’d love it (idiot). these being: something drum-related, and something Only Cowards Carry-related (weapons awareness charity whose logo is the cookie monster). The general ideas i’d had for a long time. The specific ones were not so long considered. I would like the cowbell a lot more, if it were smaller and incorporated into a leg sleeve type thing as i mention below.
However, it’s still yet to fully win me over and im unsure about what to do.

My main problem with it is that they are both a little bigger than i expected, also too clumsily simple/plain/bold how they look like stickers on my leg and would like something more subtle, tasteful. Ive thought that i’d fall in love with it more ‘once i fill up more of my leg’ but im still considering ideas for that and am far from anything concrete. (mainly something serpentine like a dragon, mermaid, vine etc to fill up the gaps) However, i dont want to get more around it and then still not like it. Additionally, ive pissed myself off placing it where it is. I realised quite shortly after that these 2 would have been waay better on the inside of my leg rather than outside, and have something more like this (minus text) http://cdn-live-ak-media.impericon.com/media/catalog/product/cache/17/image/360×520/040ec09b1e35df139433887a97daa66f/p/a/parkwaydrive_chiefskull_icegrey_lg.jpg on the outside. That would’ve looked banginggg D: could still put that image on my other leg though! So, altogether, quite regretful 🙁 though i maintain hope that i may still fall in love with it one the space is filled -but idk, cannot guarantee that that would redeem them at all. Trying to be positive about it but i dont want to be blinded by an inability to accept that i dislike it because i feel like i HAVE to like it now i’ve made the commitment. Also partially thinking of getting just the top one removed, since the bottom one is more meaningful and that would make a decent canvas of space on my leg above. From a higher angle in the photo they dont look like they take up too much space but from a side view you can see that it takes up a little over half my leg and its just a bit..intrusive. I do like the cowbell image on its own – as it is the tattoo itself looks nicely drummer-y, has come out well and everything in every sense- but how its just sitting there above the cookie monster is a bit greedy space-wise and not very smoothy incorporated or anything.

I could seek out a laser or cream to semi-remove the top one and then look into getting the B+G dragon/ mermaid or whatever over the space. Then the cookie monster is not so bold and stickery and would concord with the leg better. My plans when getting it were to have these within a sort of leg sleeve, with these in a part consisting of small cartoony almost sticker-like tattoos and the space around it filled up. but i feel these are a bit big, bold, and kind of badly placed to incorporate in that. (shouldve put them smaller and on inside leg ><) As I've heard someone say on this forum before - hindsight is 20/20. aint it a bitch. Another thing is that i dont want to rush into getting rid of anything. That’d be pointless, costly and embarrassing. The first day i got these i loved them, 2nd i hated them, 3rd felt like i do now – guardedly dissatisfied. But unsure. Now i’ve been unsure about how i feel about my tattos for long enough to start thinking about what i actually want on my leg. The drum one is still close to my heart, but i dont want to keep a *tattoo* i dont particularly love just for the meaning! Frustratingly the isolated tattoo itsself is really well done and nice-looking, it just doesnt *go* very well what with the size and placement. Considering having that redone on the inside of my leg, smaller, if i replace that space with a larger piece. I feel I’d like that more than I like how it is now. To anyone who’s bothered to read all that and reply, thankyou!
Any ideas for the space, with or without keeping the top tattoo are greatly appreciated
Any advice in general would also be great

So in summary-
I could look into getting both removed – very expensive, potential waste
I could get the cowbell faded and build over it -Ideas?:D
I could find some ideas for the leg basically as a whole and dilute the boldness of them (original idea but theyre a bit big and bold now that theyre on me: the question is would diluting the remaining space actually make *these two* look good in my eyes)



Sorry dude, that sucks. Did the same artist do both? They should have seen that the totem pole placement of those two would suck, and saved you the problem. They just shouldn’t be stacked like that.

I actually like the cowbell way more than the cookie monster. And I think that it would be easier to add to, and add others around, but I am NOT an artist.

Before you do anything you need to find a really good artist who understands how tattoos should flow on a body and talk to them about it. Describe to them the look that you are going for. They will be able to give you a couple of ideas and let you know what is possible and whether or not you are going to need some zaps. It could save you money and pain.

FYI – DO NOT USE ‘removal’ CREAMS. There are 2 ways to fade a tattoo: sunshine and laser. Laser is way more effective, but sunlight is cheaper. But sunshine is more likely to fade the blue than the black, I think.


Ty for the comment. Yeah he did, one sitting. I had the same guy add the text underneath about a week after cause it looked incomplete. I agree ! I went in blind, first tattoo, and when I spoke to him to book it he seemed to assume a whole lot of general knowledge on my part. I agree, I’d like to talk it over with someone more experienced. It’s really annoying how I simultaneously really quite like each individual tattoo, just not really the size and placement. If I were to choose diluting them (as per the original idea) I’d have to be sure they didn’t still look too sticker-y


It’s on your leg. Keep’em as is

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