Excuse the average photos…

Just a couple of pics of two of my tattoos I thought I’d share.
The half sleeve is about 18 months old now, I’m really happy with it, no real meaning behind it,
I just got it for my love of fishing the skinny water for trout (rainbows especially).


This ones new, first session was yesterday just for a couple of hours. Inner bicep was not as bad as I expected, but definitely tickled a bit. Next session is in a month to add some color and finish her off, but I might have a serious think about that, I’m kind of digging the black and grey with just that small bit of red… Maybe we’ll just color the flowers.



Interested in your opinions. Im really happy with his work and you can check out more of his stuff on IG @rbtattooer
Work by Ryan Baranikow in South Aus.


I love the trout tattoo ~ 🙂

and yes,I would like color in the flowers on the anchor tattoo.

and my first love is trout fishing in small rivers/creeks/streams also,

my favorite place to fish is the Kern River Valley in the western sierra foothills. LocationMap.jpg

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Nice clean tattoos


Nice tattoos. Love the trout!

210 inking hours and counting.

Tattoos are for the living. Tombstones are for the dead. Get a tattoo for yourself!


Cheers guys. I’m happy with them.

I know the age old ‘trust your artist’ applies, but any thoughts on whether i should let him go full color on the anchor? Or maybe stick to black and grey with a just a highlight in the flowers?

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