If you like it, that’s what matters.


@revovvv 145668 wrote:

Well, i did this tattoo because i like it and her head looks as i wanted! I don’t care if others like it.
Personally i don’t like many tattoos i see, even realistic looks oddly for a tattoo.
Accept that, i like that tattoo and if you can help with the only issue i have ok, otherwise stop the critics, i don’t like them!
If any mods are watching this, PLEASE DELETE THIS THREAD!

LOL quit being such a fucking baby about it ! LOL what ?!?! are you 12 ?

when you posts pics on an adult tattoo site,you are going to get comments whether you ask for it or not.


If fixing that skirt line gets rid of the problem that YOU don’t like, then that’s what you should do. Like someone said earlier the most important thing is that you love it, and the bunched up skirt makes you not love it. So have that part fixed.

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