Hey all,
    First time poster, though I’ve been reading these forums for a while. I recently got a large tattoo of a mountain range/peaks on my abdomen; I wanted it to fit with the geometric shape above, and thought the ‘negative space’ created by the mountains would be cool on my body/trunk.

    I’m having second thoughts now that I’ve done it, however…it seems much too severe and doesn’t quite relate to the geometric shape (above my bellybutton) as much as I had hoped.

    Anyone have thoughts on how to fix this? Or do you like it? The pic is here: Instagram

    Thank you!


    Welcome to the forum.
    I don’t care for it. I would laser it and start over.

    Keep us posted


    No, I don’t like it.
    Personally, as per Sam above, I’d laser and start again

    Google the “Brag art list” when you’re ready to start again, or find the member “PeterPoose” on here (it’s his list) and find it in his sig.
    You can then find a proper artist for your next one.

    Good luck!


    See answer on other forum


    Thanks guys. I agree. I’m considering just lasering it off and chalking it up as an expensive lesson.
    One other thing I was considering – and yes, this would be making it even larger – is adding a third peak in the middle. Does this help balance it? I feel it’s much more balanced this way, but conversely, it would be adding to something I don’t quite like. Pic here: Instagram


    I don’t particularly like the mountains, but I do like them more than the geometric shape. And, no, they don’t go together well at all. I think a good artist could add to the mountains with something (sunrise/set, ocean scene, etc.) replacing the shape. I don’t see anything going with the shape.


    Yeah, you guys are right. I think the main thing that bugs me is the poor shading – there’s no clear indication of any light source…the shading seems so arbitrary. We talked about having a clear contrast between light and dark areas, but the artist clearly did not follow that…

    I guess I will look into lasering. I’m hoping the shading (which is actually just thin, fine lines) will fade quickly with the lasering, though I know it’s going to be a long process.

    In regards to the geometric shape, I always just intended that to be the start of something, and build more geometry around it. Just haven’t gotten to it yet. I’m actually quite happy with that shape, and I think as long as I expand that geometric theme correctly, it will look ok once finished.


    Have patience with the laser process. Its expensive just from the number of sessions youll need to have. Im going thru the process on a piece on my arm. The stomach is going to hurt.

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