Back in 2008 I started work on my first tattoo as documented here
    After having a rough idea what I wanted for my second tattoo back in 2010 its taken till now to finalise the idea and make a start! The upper portion of my arm still is in the design phase however the general gist of what’s going there is known to myself and my artist, its just a matter of filling in the areas and clarifying the details.
    So on Monday just gone I made a start on my second tattoo which is being done by Melissa Szeto who is currently working out of Love Hate Social Club in Notting Hill, London.
    Here’s a couple of pics taken a few hours after the first sitting



    It may just be my ancient ass monitor, but the pic doesn’t seem to be clear enough for me to see what’s going on there. All I see is a bunch of squiggles. I ain’t saying that’s what your ink looks like, I’m just saying I have no idea what’s going on in there in this pic.

    Love. Peace. Metallica.


    Pics aren’t very clear at all.
    Right in the middle of the flaking process now so once that’s finished I’ll do my best to get some much clearer pics posted up.

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