Got my newest piece started today. It’s a little more high concept than my normal pieces, relatively speaking. Usually I just throw a noun and a couple adjectives at my artist, like “Zombie Squid”, or “Zombie Koi”, or “Steampunk Cyborg Squid”, or “Clitoris Demon”, and let him run. Hell, after 11 years I ought to trust Troy Coe of Lambadi City Tattoos. He’s lasted longer than any of my marriages.

    I wanted it done sort of like a movie poster, for the greatest slasher flick that will never be made. In the center are the two main characters from the comic book Hack/Slash, Cassie and Vlad. Those two hunt and kill slashers, but due to copyright issues never get to fight the big names–except Chucky, but fuck him, the only good ones he did was Child’s Play and Curse of Chucky. They’re going to be surrounded by a black mist, and out of the mist will be stepping Jason, Freddy, the Slenderman, and Pinhead.

    It’s not such of a much yet. Thing is going to end up taking up my entire right leg, front and back, below the knee, but for now I’ve gotten the outline and some shading done on Cassie and Vlad. Next time around my man Troy is going to add the color to them, then session after that the big guys start coming in.



    Solid start, yeah?

    Love. Peace. Metallica.