Jaimie Lee Morford

    Hi, I wanted someone to help me out on this.

    I was hoping to have this either a whole arm or whole leg tattoo, so with the activism part I do mean a whole alot of issues but the general concept.

    I do know the whole symbol of the Guy Fawkes mask with Anonymous but the thing is Guy Fawkes plotted to destroy parliament because he wanted catholics to run the country, I only disargee with that because I’m very anti-organized/judeo religion though I do support the Anonymous/Occupy cause and over throwing a bad goverment.

    There’s also the raised fist but people will get mixed up thinking it means Black Power (I am not african/indigenous race but mixed southern european/celtic).

    I did have an idea of a tribal truth and justice but still trying to figure it out.

    And there is Socialism but people might connect that to the nazi or soviet union regime so I’m not quite sure.

    Including anarchy but that’s hard to make into a more detailed design.

    Another problem is making this a big and elaborated design/s but if anyone has ideas then please feel free to write something or even a drawing would very much appreciated!!!


    I see a tattoo that you are going to regret in your future


    Welcome Jaimie!

    Stop! Give some real serious thought in what you want to do.


    Simple tattoos are easier to read and generally come out better.


    Man, you need to step back and take a deep breath. This big jumble of ideas is in no way going to coalesce into a coherent design.

    Besides, you’re falling into that old trap–that your ink needs to make a statement, or tell a story. Art exists to be awesome, to elicit a gut-level response. The more explanation your piece requires, the more of a failure it is. Without co-opting the symbology of established, well known groups no one is going to know the muscle bound man on your arm wearing rainbow suspenders kicking the crap out of a neo-Nazi represents your fight for gay rights. They’re just going to see a skinhead getting pounded (of course, that’s always entertaining.) But their response is going to be based on their own life experiences, and be based in their own emotions, not the incoherent political message you’re trying to express.

    Besides, politics saturate everything in our society, and not for the better. We’re deeply divided on every major issue, and due to the bad feelings on both sides, we’re not going to solve anything that matters for the foreseeable future. Why put that conflict and heartache on your arm? Plus, on the off chance you do pull this off (pro-tip: You won’t. It’ll be a mess), you’re really going to pull a lot of heat down on yourself for literally wearing your politics on your sleeve. You really want to spend every day arguing politics with the weirdly aggressive cashier when all you wanted was a Quarter Pounder?

    Love. Peace. Metallica.


    I’m getting a tiny tattoo of the logo of the autonomous anarchy house I’ve been part of since I was 12. It’s tiny, not in a too obvious place, but tells the entire story.
    Just because you wanna have a statement, it doesn’t need to be huge and detailed. Mine isn’t even being done professionally, but by an anarchist in a hippie commune :p
    Figure out what you want to say, but also how you want your tattoos to look. It doesn’t have to be the established symbols, it doesn’t need to be obvious. Get creative!


    I’d be very hesitant to get anything political even now (I’m 31) as your political opinions grow and evolve over time.

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