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Really? The stars aren’t even star shaped, half of them are in the shape of an A with a large crossbar. And a couple of the tail feathers don’t make sense either. I would NOT EVER let that person tattoo me. Ever.

Clearly the OP is happy with it, and I guess since she is wearing it that counts. And having someone more skilled touch it up could improve it. I do like the concept and placement, it is the execution that is lacking.

Haha, compared to the first pic! ;P Guess I should have added that.
But yeah… I don’t like the concept either. But if OP does, get it touched up by someone a bit better at tiny detail and coloring.


It looks like two different tattoos is one of the pics “instagrammed”? so much brighter in the second pic and your hair is a different color.


Maybe I should get one behind my ear…

You have me thinking now…


I am in a way happy with it but not so much on how it turned out. I recently redyed my hair but i do agree she should have done the stars better and such.
I do plan on getting it touched up. she added the orange at the last minute and i asked before we started for her to put purple at the tips of the feathers and some stars. And i do agree they look odd and some of the black is faded out in the bird. This is a pic about 5 days after i got it…

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