So i got his tat about twenty years ago, and I’d really like to spruce up the area a bit. If i knew then what i know now, i would have saved that real estate for something bigger and better. Which leads me to my question….anyone have any ideas on how to cover this up or incorporate it into something larger? Ideally id like to cover it with a large koi fish or asian dragon, but wasnt sure if it could be covered.
I’m open to almost anything, I just want to get this shoulder covered, eventually moving towards a full sleeve.
Thanks for the help, and look forward to some great ideas.



It’s small and light, I think it could be covered with a nice sleeve quite easily. A big black koi could go over that nicely. Worst case scenario is a couple laser sessions to lighten it a bit more. You should take that arm into a shop and chat to an artist for ideas.


As Amok says, I think that this can be covered quite easily. Just find a tattoo artists that’s experienced in coverups, and you should end up with something to be proud of.

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