Hello everyone,

I’m new here and not quite sure this is the place to ask this kind of stuff, but hey ho!

Can you please give me an honest opinion of the design of this tattoo I want to do. The tattoo has various meanings to me. Firstly the the circle, which represents the centre of the universe or our sun. The Portuguese heart, because of my Portuguese ancestry. The dragon, which is my Chinese star sign. The Springbok, because I’m South African. The Union Jack, for two reasons, being born in SA when the flag still had the Union Jack and also because I live in the UK. The rest is tribal elements to fill in blank spaces.

What do you guys think?? Please do comment. I’d very much appreciate… and if you don’t like it, hey you’re also welcome to comment.

Thank you



Hi Paul,

Welcome to the forum.

I like the idea behind your tattoo but to be honest this is not something I like. Tribal has gone out of style like the Macarena, and for good reason.

At the end of the day it’s your body and it should be something you really love, but there’s so many great artists out there you could get an amazing piece for the same price.

I hope this helps mate.


Thanks Amok for your reply! Very much appreciated.

The thing, is I don’t like coloured tattoos… what else is there? Should I make the tattoo with some kind of grey-scale and shadows?



Maybe keep the same sort of theme, but in a more natural, silhouetted kind of way?
As above though, it’s your body and if that’s what you want, go for it.
FWIW I actually quite like it, but wouldn’t want to “waste” the skin on a design that could (in my opinion) be a lot more interesting.

Good luck, let us know what you decide


Im not a fan, if you like it though that’s all that matters.


I have to agree with the others I really don’t like tribal but if it is what you want go for it:)

As far as tribal goes the design is better than average I would say.

You don’t have to get colour, you could get a B/G piece.


I like it myself, but I like a lot of Tribal – but certainly not all of it. Its well done.


Welcome. Congratulations on coming up with the design in the first place. From someone who doesn’t have any artistic ability what so ever, I am impressed that you were able to turn your thoughts into this. I don’t really like it as a tattoo though (but as everyone has said we aren’t the one’s wearing it).
What about turning it into a non tribal family shield / crest in B&G? There was a very good but very intricate one on here a while back. Just a thought. Good luck.


Do it as a negative tattoo


I kind of like it, but I wouldn’t personally get it inked on me. Ultimately, it’s your body and your choice. Sit on it for 6 months and if you still love it, then do it.

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