ok guys so i want something down my right foot and im torn… either, a hummingbird, in black and grey and some kind of decoration, or a vintage filigree dcorated revolver.

Now my question is, would the revolver (which relies on straight lines for the barrels of the gun) look ok going down my foot with the handle up near my ankle and the end of the barrel down at my toes? Or would it be better off elsewhere?

Alternatively, if i go with the hummingbird, in a more realist style coz that’s just how i roll, would it look ok in black and grey with some back ground decoration or is it really the kind of thing that i should be contemplating colour for?

i dunno, which of these ideas do you guys like better, if neither and you have some other opinions then go for it, im all ears! 🙂 x


I think the humming bird would work better and with such nice colours of these birds would be a shame to have B/G.

Just my thoughts on it 🙂

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yeh see i was thinking the same thing and the more i thought about it the more i thought the gun just wouldnt work here so i think im gonna put it down my right side underneath my script instead, then its not space limited and they can get in all the lovely filigree detailing on the barrel that i want 🙂 quite excited about it all 🙂 x


i think a b/g hummingbird would be cool if you had it next to a colored flower or something along those lines.

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but do you not think it would look odd mixing a brightly coloured flower and then have the bird in black and grey? plus i dont think i would have room for the bird and a flower on my foot, so i was thinkin more the bird in flight in black and grey and just some kind of framing embellishment decoration and that’s it lol hmm… decisions decisions… i need to try and find some examples i like really but the ones that i’ve found that i really like are quite big and wouldnt fit in that space because they depict flight with some really awesome shading etc. i have so many ideas and not enough room once i avoid the areas i need to for work lol very frustrating! lol


Siamese fighting fish? vivid colours and a bit more “foot shaped” than a humming bird

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fighting fish or hummingbird, full color (got to do them justice)

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