Hey I need help.. Im a music lover.. This tattoo didnt turn out the way I wanted it to.. I need ideas to fix it.. something with music.

I live in a small town.. and this tattoo needs work and needs something.. maybe more color… I need professional help.. as much as I can get.

Ive visited many tattoo shops and got many different opinions.. most artists say that I probably need a cover up done because its such a poor layout.


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I think your best bet would be laser treatment to lighten it up some and then a cover up…I’d also recommend a reputable artist/shop.


oh dear… unfortunately i agree with the above, you would need a lot of thick solid colour to cover something like that so i think laser treatment and then a whole new concept is probably the best first step for you, then i would look up the best artists you can possibly get to and never go back to that shop again x

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