Always wanted a sleeve, but was a little skeptical on getting visible tattoo’s. Last year, my wife passed away and I got a memorial tattoo of a Cala Lilly on the forearm and then a script of “Carpe Diem” on the front of the same arm. Well, I have decided to work in a full sleeve. I am working on a few designs with my artist, but havent found anything that I am dead set on.

I am stuck on what to do as far as filling in the lower portion of the arm. check out my album here http://www.thetattooforum.com/album.php?albumid=4906

Anyone have any suggestions? I thought about doing some graffiti design, maybe something like this (not sure what it’s called) http://images.clipartof.com/small/36752-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Black-Leafy-Vine-Design-Accent-With-Curling-Leaves.jpg or this http://images.clipartof.com/small/77503-Royalty-Free-RF-Clipart-Illustration-Of-A-Digital-Collage-Of-Three-Floral-Vine-Leaf-Corner-And-Header-Elements.jpg

I figured I would start at the shoulder and work my way down. I want to get the designs in place first so it all flows nicely and not all busy.


i believe those are called acanthus leafs. i have some… mine are not the best design but i have seen some REAL nice ones. i love how they look when done right


it seems as if you may want some fancy fillagree to fill some space which i think can work nice with your design. O ya and how did the Colts do this year? haha just kidding


*Acanthus!!! That is what it is called. Thank you for the correction.

I’ve been mulling it over and thought about adding stars, in different sizes, dark outline with color fill maybe, to represent each one of my children as well. I’m trying to add some additional pieces in the lower half and not just have it all fill work with acanthus.

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