Hey guys..
I’m new to this forum, guess I’ll just share a bit off information about my tattoo, and why I got it done etc..
I’m illegal, first of all. I’m not 18. I got it done behind my parents back (Bit of a shock)
This was about 5 months ago, when I was going downhill. I don’t know why I got it done ! But I was intoxicated, and the “tattooist” had done previous decent jobs. He tattood my ex girlfriend, and they were good. I told her I wanted a tattoo. She said what do you want? I said Liebe und hass. [love or hate in german] I’m german for starters mixed with australian.
She said Ok, rung someone he said yeah I’ll do it. I was intoxicated before I got it done, Black ink? Alcohol. I know, bad mix.
anyway, I got it done, in my eyes, becuase i was drunk it looked amazing. But I guess not the morning I woke up. Whoaa.
Anywayyy! my parents went nuts at me. Since then I haven’t been intoxicated, I don’t plan too ! Half of my family has turned on me, It was a regret.
But It’s on my stomach, I don’t even think I can get a cover up – Possible? not sure, in the way it’s positioned.
I’ll post a pic up. i just need a few opinions, I’m thinking about a old traditional black and white dragon blended. My dream tattoo, along with two others. but my dragon i originally wanted was to start from my neck and wrap down to my thigh.
anyway.. Just opinions?
If I can’t get a cover up, does anyone know if there’s anyway that I can make it look decent? Guns, Roses, better writing, etc?
My parents said they’ll let me get it re-done on my birthday, which is in September..
Also, Anyone know of anywhere, around brisbane, coolangatte area? hopefully not across the boarder that does under 18’s but parental consent?

muchly appreciated:confused:


Looks like it could be covered up, but there are 3 things to keep in mind:

1. Some laster sessions would allow for more options with the coverup
2. The cover up will have to be bigger than the original tattoo you have there, and a good coverup wont be cheap
3. If you are underage, i highly suggest you wait until you are old enough to go to a respectable shop. Anyone who is willing to tattoo you illegally will not do a good job, and you will have an even bigger mess in the end.


I’m guessing to cover that you’d have to get something pretty damn big and I’m not sure how that could be improved as is. Ask a qualified, legal artist their opinion. Or leave it as is as a constant reminder of you’re mistakes.


Good luck finding someone who will tattoo you if your under age, you might be able to find somebody but not anybody that is decent :/

I had some spanner do me a tribal when i was 15 he did a piss poor job of it

Good luck though!

Are you going to bark all day little doggy or are you going to bite?

I’m not sure if that can be covered up without a lot of money involved and I don’t know how your mom and dad would feel about that. Good luck.


Put the shirt down, dumbass! Instant cover up! :p

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