I dig it!

And, IMO it will remind you of your fun youth when you are an old hag!

an alternative to the typical 9-5 lifestyle

HAHA! Most everyone around my age will have an old wrinkled tattoo by the time we’re all 60 anyway…and who is trying to impress anyone at 60 anyway?? The way I see it is if I never got any for the sake of looking normal and nice at an old age I would ALWAYS wonder what it would have been like to get tattooed. I would always regret NOT just doing it. You only live once!


Sheep, good point. You just talked me into going ahead with my sleeve and not worrying about my career. Heck, there’s always long sleeved shirts, right? šŸ™‚


Yep! As long as its not your neck, face, hands, you can pretty much cover it up. My job right now doesn’t care, I work in a Salon but I’m going to see about becoming a pharmacy technician soon and I’ll have to cover up then. šŸ˜› But It won’t stop me from getting a half sleeve! I’ll just wear shirts to cover it.


Looks really good to me, a lot of detail that is done very well. congrats on some great ink!

"We all got it coming, kid."
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