Hi everyone, I finally got my first tattoo last week after years of waiting. I’m 33 and Have had Arthritis since I was a child. With all the different meds I’ve been on and related medical issues I’ve never been allowed (By Doc) to get a tattoo. So when I was given the all clear I jumped at the chance. The piece was done by Kate Shaw a 21yr old artist from The Tattoostation in Newcastle UK. She’s only been tattooing for 2yrs and done the piece freehand in around 7hrs too. She’s she a talented artist and a lovely young woman too. She kept asking if I was comfy etc incase I seized up. The girl has a huge future. I’ll put up pics from all angles once its properly healed. I’m over the moon with it and I hope some of you like it too.


Nifty. Love the work of the pipes as well as the nice touch of green mixture with the black and white middle piece. Nice work on the skin as well. Very clean. Kudos to the young artist. Well done tattoo. +1.


Thanks! You can’t really get the effect of the circuit board from that angle, but like I said I’ll post more once its all healed up.


Really nice piece of work, especially from someone so young. I like the torn/ripped skin effect and the brightness of the green and blue really stands out. Bio-mech is not my cup of tea but there is no getting away from pretty good ink no matter what the style.


that’s pretty sweet…I like the circuit board. That artist is good for only two years experience.


very nice! there has been quite a few bio gear tattoos lately. i have my bio gears in progress as well!

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That is sweet and for an artist so young the work is amazing! You should be proud dude, looks the business! ive just started a bio/mech sleeve and chest plate, but mine is more like a guy aitchison style, mixed with realism.

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Looks pretty solid, young tattooist or not. Biomechanics and steampunk interest me, but I don’t have room on my body for it 😀

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