I love how bright it is! How long did it take total?

Sherav;66514 wrote:
Can also easily extend that to a full backpiece 😉

Take Care

I’m thinking about it Matt, seemed really strange coming out from my last sitting and not having a further appointment already set up! Not sure what I could do to it to make it into a full back, just really undecided at the moment, so, if in doubt, do nowt – as we would say in Yorkshire!!

seniorminnion;66546 wrote:
sorry to all – liar was too strong a word !!

– sorry again for the “liar” comment – sincere apologies !

Apology accepted!

Gsouder;66560 wrote:
, she is just proud to be done with something that took a lot of time, money and pain.
jjxcass;66654 wrote:
I love how bright it is! How long did it take total?

Thanks guys, time, money and pain – just sat and totted up how much I have spent on my ink over the last 2 years, almost £800, didn’t know I had that much money! LOL! It probably would have been more but I’m sure my tattooist has kept the price down for me, my daughter also has her work done by the same artist, she has just had a portrait of my youngest granddaughter, Kasey, Tam is now saving for the other ones portrait!

My back was done in bits, I first had my wings/halo done,for my beloved Nova,approx 40 mins, then the unicorn for my granddaughter who loves them,1 hr, my phoenix, just because I liked it, 2hrs 30 mins, then 3 sittings at 90 mins each to join them up. I need to go back though as there is just one little bit that I feel needs touching up, I shall do that once it has healed altogether.


Looks like I might have to join you and get a memorial tatt for my boy about 12 years too early…
My dog took down a sheep, and as been declared a danger to the public and unfit to live.
It doesn’t matter that he’s never even nipped a human or acted aggressive to one. I’ve never even heard a report of an American Bulldog attacking someone before.

This world is getting fucking ridiculous.


Sorry to hear that you have to put him down. Once they get the taste for fresh blood, there’s no going back 🙁

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i love the new work , very girly and bright like i like.

and for anyone else who thinks i love everything just go read my old posts :rolleyes: lol

Just TaNa the BuTtErFlY Girl



I love all the colors! The ultimate “girly” tattoo with great meaning behind it! Can’t wait till mine is done!

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