I know the gentlemen in a local establishment who are talented with a needle. I would trust them to do my tattoo’s. That’s part one. Part Two: choosing the Tattoo. after weeks of deliberation on the subject, and upon entering this forum, I have stumbled to a verdict. I want one of the most influential world renowned artist’s tattoo on my upper left arm. I want Sailor Jerry’s Stewed, Screwed, and Tattooed tattoo on me. I have thought about possibility of regret afterward, and am at the point where I know that this is what I want my first tattoo to be forever in my skin. I have not consulted the artists in my town, as of yet. Having the second part of the decision finished, the third thing in the equation arises. Money. As it is my first tattoo, I have no concept of price range, and I am not embarrassed by this. That being said, I would like to inquire, from a professional on the board, how much you would charge me for this tattoo, so I would have a ball-park estimate for a walk-in.

Here’s a pic of the tattoo in question:
I suppose it will be somewhere at about 3 inches in height.

phantom x

nice !!!.. i have a shirt with that logo on it , SAILOR JERRY rocks , i have a bunch of his clothes i also have his book and dvd.

i think you may have to go bigger , maybe 5-6 inches.


I’d say go for about 6 inches, so you don’t miss out on details. Also, many people go too small for their first and ofen wish they would have had it bigger; so going for 3 in in my opinion would be just too small.

With that said, I couldn’t see you paying any more than $175 for that piece.


I second BiB’s comment, 3″ will probably be too small for all the details to comdetails to show properly. It’s a great tattoo though.

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