Hey guys, newbie here from London, England. Been contemplating getting my first tattoo for a number of years and finally spoke to a local tattoo artist near me who runs his own shop and his work is fantastic. I’m a massive lover of Japanese style artwork and culture, so the obvious 1st tattoo will be japan related. Initially I was going to go full out and get a large dragon 🐉 going from my lower arm all the way to my chest, but I have decided against it as I feel it’s a bit to drastic for my 1st tatto. I have now decided on a Japanese samurai on the inside forearm going to just before the wrist. The samurai will have blossom tree, Japanese building and red sun in the background. I’ll post some pics of what I’m looking at getting. If you can’t see the pics let me know. I posted it to gallery I think. Thoughts please ?

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