I got my first tattoo about one month ago. It’s a world map. Many of the lines look faded, and some look thicker than others. It’s especially faded over Spain, in the Middle East and India, but also on the east coast of Russia and some of the islands to the east. Why is this? Is this an easy fix?


I’m having similar problems with my new tattoo. I would post a new forum but I can’t figure out how to, so I’ll just do it here in the comments (sorry). So I got my tattoo almost a month ago and the outlines have faded in certain spots but are thick and saturated in other parts. I followed all the aftercare instructions and didn’t pick or touch the scabs at all, so I don’t know why it’s so faded already. I’ve read that tattoos can look cloudy for a while, so will this fix itself as it heals more or will I have to get it touched up? Thanks in advance!


Hola chicos,

No es normal que con solo un mes el tatuaje se vea algo borrado. :S

¿Curasteis el tatuaje siguiendo las recomendaciones de vuestro tatuador? Si es así os recomiendo ir otra vez y preguntarle directamente. Seguro os aconsejará.

Un saludo!

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