Hi everyone,

I’m having one question. I made tattoo 3 days ago. And yesterday it started peeling in big pieces. Under those pieces that fell away, is very very light color (almosgt nothing). So, I’d like to know yours opinion what could that be?

The one that did this tattoo to me, said that it’s the problem that my skin didn’t absorb the ink? Could that be possible? Or is her wrong? Because I read differrent forums of people with simiolar problems and people said that it could be, because the tattoover didn’t put ink deep enough.


It will never look as good as it did when it was first done. It will peel then go through a new skin phase where it will even look lighter. Relax see what it looks like when it is finished healing a few weeks from now.


I have a question as well I just got my first tattoo on the upper part of my arm and it looks like bruising wrapping around my arm I’m not to sure on how to post a picture ?


Hi Selena
Without a picture it could be a number of things. Bruising is common as the skin is taking a lot of damage by the needle so not uncommon. It could also be a small blow out where the ink has leaked into the further area of the skin.
This would have to be fixed by the artist once healed.
Take care


Let the tattoo completely heal before you worry about what is left after the tattoo’s healing, there is nothing you can do once the process is underway anyway. If is swollen, put ice on it, for a few minutes then take it off for a few reapply and repeat… If it si simply bruised, that will go away with time unless it is something else… like Matthew pointed out.
No one will know until the healing is completed, tattoos go through several healing fazes before they settle and can look alright.

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