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So I got a tattoo right when I turned 18 (I’m now 24) And over the years I have grown to hate it! It hasn’t really faded much but I’d like to get it covered up. I’m just looking for some suggestions on what would be the easiest way to cover it up. Thanks in advance!
I’m going to try to put the image in this post but if that doesnt work right then this is the link to the picture online.
12583752_10201286924013001_516075852_n_zpszw9hksmm.jpg Photo by llllllllllllllllll1 | Photobucket
If it asks for a password to see the image it’s llamas
(Sorry for the poor quality image!)


looks like an easy cover IMO,find the right artist and talk to them about your ideas and listen to their ideas,but like I said,that small of a cover up is a no brainer,

I would do one like this for a cover up 2297811a7f5b1a71c5bc2a093e563611.jpg
or this tribal-sea-turtle-tattoo-tribal_sea_turtle_by_therebornwolf-d6ij35b.jpg
and please don’t look for the “easiest way to cover it up”,remember,you get what you pay for.

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