I go back in on the 26th to have my artist shade my first tattoo a bit – decided I wanted to go ahead and shade in gray around the lines. I’ll be talking with my artist at that point about my next tattoo – on my right shoulder/upper arm. I am looking to do an eagle and American flag in traditional style – color and large. Not sure exactly what I want to do – torn between a perched or flying eagle. Really liking big wings, though, which makes me lean towards flying. I’ve found some examples that I like – but nothing that’s right. So, I plan on giving my artist some examples of what I like and then let him do the actual design.

I will wait, though, until fall after we close up the pool. I don’t want to miss several weeks of pool time. Already anxious, though.

Mark Volk
COL, U.S. Army (Ret.)
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