I recently had this cover up done, it’s too dark and the stag doesn’t stand out enough. Can i go white ocer black on the geometric lines? Any help and suggestions is greatly appreciated!
image_zpscmnwf6dp.jpeg Photo by George_BAW | Photobucket


looks to me like the black in the stag was not saturated good enough,a more solid saturation of black would be a better cover up and the stag silhouette would stand out better IMO,have the artist do a touchup on the animal and hit the black better.

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That stag was supposed to be a coverup? It’s only shading. You’re trying to cover black with various shades of gray. Might as well not have bothered, sorry.

If you want that stag to cover up, you’ll need to make it completely solid black. Which it looks like you would definitely not want.

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Haven’t I seen and answered this somewhere already? Just go back and get a second pass on it, it will be fine.

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