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So – there’s a con coming up in my area soon. I have a tradition of choosing simple, relatively easy tattoos to do at each con I go to, and ensuring that it’s something I can build off of later. It works. This one coming up I was looking at doing something on the inside of the fingers on my left hand (no mustaches. Don’t fear). I’ve got these wee little hands, though, so I started looking into what kind of problem that would pose. What i came across, instead, is the threat of lines falling out or experiencing blowout, due to the thin skin and difficulty of putting the ink in the proper place. My question is: what is the likelihood of experiencing blowout? If lines fade out I can replace them – it’ll be a pain in the ass, but it’s a possibility. Blowout, on the other hand, seems a little more problematic. Would this be even a remotely decent gamble? Are there any factors that would come into play here, aside from the artist’s luck and skills?

Also, just for shits and giggles…
I was looking at getting “labels” that I’m proud of scrolled on the inside of each finger (no thumbs) in urdu and adding more as I reach more of my life goals. For example, I’m a published academic, so I was going to get “scholar”; I’ve been training in military-style combat arts since I was in high school, so I was thinking something like “warrior” (since “scrappy bitch” probably doesn’t translate well); and so on. If general consensus is that it’s not worth the gambles on the fingers, where else would you suggest doing something like this? My space is relatively limited right now, as most of my body is “reserved” or covered, but I’m always up for suggestions.


blowout is not as much of a concern as “fall out” is,so ink tends to fall out or disappear on hands and especially palm & finger skin.

blowout is from a poor tattooing technique,fallout is simply that the hand & palm & finger skin just won’t hold ink.

at least that’s my experience. šŸ™‚

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ink spreads in fingers. It just does. All finger tattoos I see including my own are either barely there any more or blown out you either accept it or tattoo somewhere different really, fingers are a bitch.


I have the top of one finger (right between the knuckles) tattooed, and it’s held up very well, besides where I touch it the most.
But here’s the deal; Look at your hands. Inbetween the top of your fingers, and the inside, the skin changes. Like the soles of your feet. Think how dark skinned people can have light skinned palms and under their feet. Get it? Alright. So; Different skin. It regenerates more often due to using it more. Meaning; It doesn’t tattoo quite like the others.
Tattoos in these areas will almost always blow out or fall out. Not necessarily because of the artist, because even amazing artists refuse to do these tattoos for that reason.
Looks great on Rihanna – because she can have it touched up every week if she pleases.

So yeah. The risk is HUGE for experiencing either of these things. Some artists manage to find a way to make it work longer, but no; It won’t look good it 10 years. Probably, not even in a month.

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